The George C. Hixon Memorial Hospital

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 The George C. Hixon Memorial Hospital, with a capacity of 35 beds, is one of the finest in the State, equipped throughout with the very latest apparatus. Dr. E. L. Gilbert, surgeon in charge, is assisted by Doctors J. B. Mooney and J. B. Davis, with a staff of white and colored nurses in attendance. Patients come from all over the State to be treated here, fully two-thirds of the cases handled being non-resident. Since the hospital was opened about a year ago over 700 major operations have been performed, with only 1 95/100 percent mortality, a remarkable record which has attracted wide attention in surgical circles. All employees pay a nominal monthly fee of $4.50 which entitles them and their families to medical and surgical attendance of every kind.

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This article by Dr. A. M. McCarthy is from the Eva Mae May book The Story of Electric Mills, Mississippi published in 1970.








My mother Marjorie Temple was the first baby born in the new hospital.....


Hospital Christmas card

Hospital on the left and home where the nurses lived on the right...