The Lynch Family

My family (particularly) my grandmother Sally Lynch ran the dairy. My father Marion Spurgeon Lynch was born in Electric Mills, as were his siblings Barksdale, Katherine, Ruth and Bob.

My cousins, Gay Lynch and Peggy Keyes Brown were also born in the town.

I have only seen the ghost town but have long wanted to learn more about it and understand why such a \"complete and functioning\" establishment disappeared without American ingenuity taking over after the trees were gone.

Janet Lynch

Katherine, Spurgeon, and Barksdale Lynch
Katherine, Spurgeon, and Barksdale Lynch
Gaye Lynch and Bobby Keyes
Gaye Lynch and Bobby Keyes

Dalton Mechanical Calculator


My grandfather E. A. Temple served as accountant and auditor for the company.


This was the Dalton Mechanical Calculator that he used.

The William Winford Hayes Family

My grandfather's name was William Winford Hayes. He was married to Ella Florence Johnston Hayes. My father's name was Jerold Preston Hayes. My grandfather died in 1937. He was a foreman or manager at the lumber company.

Hayes William W adjusted

 My father was only 8 years old when his father died. The other children were, Eula Bernice Hayes, Genevieve Hayes, William Winford Hayes Jr (Bill), John Carter Hayes (JC), David Foreman Hayes, Walter Hayes, Blair Hayes, and Jerold Preston Hayes.


Jerrianne Kolby