Nearwhite was the company trademark

The finished lumber was very soft and easily worked and very light in both color and weight. It was the nearest approach of any southern wood to white pine hence the name “Nearwhite” became the company trademark.


The Brightest City South of St. Louis

The name of the town was changed to Electric Mills because of the uniqueness of this new lumber manufacturing process. The slabs, sawdust, planning mill chips and other waste had to be disposed of, so the production engineers decided to fire a boiler with them to produce steam to power the electrical generators.


The electric generating plant ran continuously, the electricity was free to the employees, so no one ever bothered to turn off a light. One news correspondent wrote that EM was the brightest city south of Saint Louis.

Specialty Products of the Mill

The specialty products of the mill were boards, ship lap, casing, base and flooring.



About 90 percent of these were cut in 16 foot lengths.